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Conditions générales de vente

Thank you for visiting Here are some Terms & Conditions applied once you purchase from us:

  1. The price shown on our website is the item-price only (does NOT included packing and shipping);
  2. Customer can not cancel a complete purchasing of an item;
  3. Homogenous colour tolerance is 75% and dimension tolerance is 0-15 mm as all items we sell belongs to handmade-natural goods;
  4. Standard packaging can be vary and/or changed without further notice for safety and shipment reasons;
  5. For preorder item, there must be deposit made before starting the workmanship;
  6. Any cancelation of the preorder items due to workmanship will be addressed to NO any deposit refund at the end;
  7. Final payment shall be made before shipping;
  8. We are responsible of the goods until it has been picked up by forwarder;
  9. We are NOT responsible of any loss and / or damage items instead of broken package due to delivery;
  10. Customer is responsible for all costs of currency conversion relating to money exchange latest update. Customer financial institution does the currency conversion and may charge some additional fees – We do not control either the conversion rates or your financial institution fee’s;
  11. Customer is responsible for all international transfer fee (bank regulation) which can NOT be included on total amount of invoice we send;
  12. Payment shall be made within 7 (seven) business days after invoice dated, otherwise will be renewed with the latest price market;
  13. Once the renewal invoice (point 12) has been expired, all goods which has been ordered is FREE of any other transactions; and
  14. Customer will be notified for preordered-item which stay over more than 30 (thirty) days after completing production, and final payment shall be made as soon as possible, otherwise the item will be addressed for FREE of any other transactions.

Please read carefully our Terms & Conditions, should there be any further information required, please do not hesitate to contact us.