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Sobre nosotras

Established in 2017 – Sheo Home Living is derived from the Sanskrit word “Sheo” which means “Lucky”, that our prayer meant to be.

Located in Bali, Indonesia, Sheo Home Living was passionately born from the idea to create sustainable yet eco-friendly objects that uncover the story behind each piece under the hand of a young Architect, Ayu Anandani.

After a long journey living in Indonesia, Ayu decided to fully committed in preserving local heritage and share as much of it as possible. Inspired by our love for endless artistry, diverse cultures, countless sceneries, and exciting stories, we have been able to create a stunning collection to the home.

Our vast collection of Boho, Farmhouse, Scandinavian, Rustic, Nautical furniture and home decor gives easy access to products that would be otherwise unattainable. We hope our little additions help homeowners and designers create a perfect home style that is comfortable for the entire family – a place to enjoy life and to nourish the soul.