About Us

Established in 2017 – Sheo Home Living is derived from the Sanskrit word “Sheo” which means “Lucky”, that our prayer meant to be.

Sheo Home Living has two goals. Firstly, that this business will become a platform for Indonesian artisans and crafters to produce their products ethically for worldwide market. Moreover, every purchase from Sheo Home Living is supporting the crafters and their craft.

Secondly, that it will provide a sustainable living goods as home décor solution. A word “sustainable” refers to something need to be regenerated eventually – We are using local material which easy to source and no need mass-machinery production, just hand by hand. Therefore, we are hoping the art of craftsmanship is timeless.

To sum up, bringing a bunch of our “Lucky” into the home spices up an ethical-sustainable living. We hope our collection help you feel this way.

Ayu x