Woven Journeys: Exploring the Interplay of Manufacturing, Life, and Weave


With an uncompromising commitment to Indonesian manufacturing and as a result of over years of collaboration with some of Indonesia’s finest makers, Sheo Home Living has become a showcase for the best of the country’s established and new craft industries. Sheo Home Living collaborates closely with a network of talented craftsmen to ensure pieces are exceptionally well-made and employ the best quality materials.

"Consumers in the United States spent $4 billion more on desks, chairs and patio equipment in 2021 than they did in 2019. Environmentalists say that a lot of the products sold during the pandemic weren’t built to last."

- John Taggart for The New York Times -


Fast furniture, which is mass-produced and relatively inexpensive, is easy to obtain and then abandon. Plastic and machinery played a leading part. It’s empty of culture, and it’s not carrying any history with it. This latest trend impacted a lot in cultural industries, decreasing number of skillful artisans. Therefore, the remaining local artisans struggled to survive.


In 2023 Sheo Home Living decided to take on own workshop and in doing so has secured the future of Indonesian-made especially rattan furniture. Built in 2100 sqm, our own workshop allows the product quality to be closely overseen and regularly checked as well as celebrates the enthusiasm and pride in workmanship shared by all its artisans.


With the increasing number of sustainability-focused companies have partnerships with us, it allows us to empower more local artisans to create our beautiful pieces. Each Sheo Home Living design demands a variety of traditional skills that combine to make a superb piece that will endure, in its timeless design, its function, and its craftsmanship.