Green Stories

Closing The Loop: Weaving For A Sustainable Future

The textile industry is facing increasing criticism because of its intensive use of resources – both natural and fossil derived – and the negative environmental and societal impacts associated with the manufacturing, use and disposal of clothes. This has led to a desire to move towards a circular economy for textiles that will implement recycling concepts and technologies to protect resources, the environment and people.

At Sheo Home Living, Closing The Loop stands for no waste is generated; everything is shared, repaired, reused, or recycled. What would traditionally be considered “Waste” is instead turned into a valuable resource for the creation of something new.

Our collection of Recycled Floor Mats or Cushions are authentically and ethically crafted by skilled women artisans in a rural village in Central Java, Indonesia. Handwoven on a traditional backstrap loom and made from locally recycled cotton and fibre, recovered from textile factories. These unique cloths were repeated dyed with the bark of the sustainably harvested local plant to obtain the unique colour.

"Closing The Loop stands for — no waste is generated; everything is shared, repaired, reused, or recycled".

Our collection features a Sustainability, means we are responsible for social, economy, and environment in a way to support Indonesian local artisans, paying particular attention to adequate working conditions, high-quality craftsmanship, and guarantee fair wages for our workers, so that we proudly creating every piece Fair Trade.


✓ 100% made in Indonesia
✓ Unique design
✓ Recycled material
✓ Traditional technique
✓ Cultural heritage
✓ Less energy
✓ Less water
✓ Sustainably responsible